Studio dedicated to interior design for companies and individuals.

Unic Studio


Unic Studio was born from the illusion of creating projects for both companies and individuals with a very clear philosophy of expressing our client’s needs with design and functionality. Specialists in residential and new developments that are emerging at a business level such as Co-living, Branded Residences, Senior Living, Student Housing, we also work in hotel interior design, we are specialists in lighting, having a great team of Lighting Designers at your disposal, in addition to creating lighting projects. Architectural visualization in 3d.
We define ourselves as planners with an aesthetic sense.


Unic Studio

Our Services


We create memorable experiences. Our hospitality design team brings global perspective and unprecedented design expertise in planning, architecture, interior design, and branding to projects across every scale. We partner with owners, developers, investors, operators, and brands to deliver distinctive, thought-provoking, and emotional connections to hotels, resorts, spas, restaurants, bars, entertainment, fitness, and gaming environments


We are specialists in Interior Design for Hotels, creating an image in accordance with the hallmarks of the brand.

Branded Residences

We adapt the brand image to transmit the characteristics, image, design, furniture, amenities and sensations to your residential project.

Student Housing

We understand the important role that student accommodation plays, while studying away from home. Creating them a unique space to be creative and unwind is a vital part of any educational journey.


We create co-working spaces reflecting peace, freedom, and serenity. Specifically contrived to make employees feel relaxed and energetic, our Interior Design automatically increases productivity flow.


Coliving is the residential evolution of student housing and co-working, an extension to the real estate market that provides social, work and residential spaces for professionals who share a workplace and who live together in a home where they exchange knowledge and experiences. We help bring these social spaces to life.

Architectural Visualization

All our projects carry an excellent work of architectural visualization in 3d to be able to advance an almost real image of the final project and with it to be able to execute the project based on the wishes of our clients.


"We created this study to offer a 360 service to our clients"

«We created this study to offer a 360 service to our clients»
Everything is born from a common dream to offer an interior design service adapted to both the company and the individual, offering a service according to current needs in which you not only have to design and create but also offer a 360 project completing all the needs of our client.

Unic Studio

Diego Laso Y Mónica Herrero



My enthusiasm for Interior Design has always been supported by a great training with the help of specialized courses in certain areas such as lighting, smart home, etc., which has allowed me to have a greater knowledge of all the areas to be implemented in a decoration project. All this knowledge has made me grow as a professional.

– ESMADECO Master in Decoration and Interior Design + 3D (European University)
– INSENIA Home decoration + Home Staging
– Master in Architectural Visualization Factoria 5
-Training with «Light & Studio», expert in lighting projects for residential, hotel, commercial, etc.



Monica is a Spanish national and co-founder of Unicorn design. She Graduated from the University of Madrid UNED in business economics and high degree on Interior Design 
After more than ten years in corporate and private banking in prestigious entities such as Caja Madrid, today’s Caixabank, and thans to her skills in interior design to change her life and implement all her knowledge in small and large projects about soft and hard decorative finishes, illumination, and the interplay between social and natural environments through research, problem solving, and applied practice, the complexities of the built environment while developing creative solutions for the last 10 years.